An invention system that becomes a partner of air and water

The project H2reinO

What is it?

H2reinO What is it?

H2reinO is a system designed to eliminate bacteria from drinking water, without adding any chemical additives.

What prevents?

H2reinO What is it?

H2reinO reduces and stops the spread of many bacteria present in the water such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Legionella and Escherichia Coli.

Why now?

H2reinO What is it?

Today more than ever it is necessary given the recent epidemics and pandemics, the decrease in the effectiveness of antibiotics and the bacterial proliferation on water and air of human assimilation.

The unique features of H2reinO


The platform can be used for various viral and bacterial forms and the same configuration can fight almost all bacteria.


The system is modular and adapts to the needs of the realities where it is necessary to intervene.


It applies the same principles to many different market segments.

Main H2reinO application areas

Water purification and distribution for public and private use

Water for sanitary use in hospitals and operating rooms

Water for farms and consequent protection and prevention of the spread of diseases among animals

H2reinO applications

Why H2reinO works?

Creativity, technology and many years of experience


A system which will be patented soon, and the inventor is already holder of other patents

Engineering basis

An engineered two stage system, without the need to use additional chemicals


Years of experience in the decrease in the ionizing charge of contaminated water, cooling in nuclear plant or form leachate