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Eng. Andrea Benetello

Ing. Andrea Benetello

I am a senior manager formed at the electronic university specialized in business management. I have gained a long electrical and mechanical industrial experience in various international fields and on special innovative projects. I have a deep and practical knowledge of the LEAN approach in industry and in relation to all stakeholders. I had important management experiences all over the world dealing with: management of production plants, logistics, S&OP, process organization, digitalization, customer care, technical management and creation of sales networks. I am totally result oriented and comfort maker for customers, possessing transversal functional competence.

I am able to combine company objectives with the ability to lead the team, enhancing the motivation of the team itself, managing problem solving effectively: with clarity, transparency and a "hands on" approach. I always take responsibility for the achievement of objectives, at the same time creating a climate of mutual esteem with customers and stakeholders.

I deal with assignments according to the TQM approach and the KPI measurement method. I consider myself assertive, integral and integrable, with strong leadership, loyalty and sure total reliability.

I have filed various patents:

ECA Consulting SRL

ECA was established in 2002 by Eng. Umberto Bedini, Founding Partner and CEO, through the establishment of a network of high-profile Italian and foreign professionists with proven high-level international experience.
Today, the ECA community can count on 30 Partners operating in various countries around the world with four offices: two in Europe and two in the USA. In fact, for a strong international characterization, ECA Consulting USA Inc. was established in 2014 with offices in New York and Miami and another office of ECA Consulting Srl in Brussels, as well as having inaugurated the new office in Milan in January 2021.

Eng. Andrea Benetello is a partner of ECA Consulting SRL.

ECA Consulting

Eng. Andrea Benetello & ECA

Eng. Andrea Benetello & ECA-01

ECA is a globally operating company that offers leading companies, SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to acquire all the experience and operational skills necessary to carry out business reorganization and development.

ECA offers highly qualified services thanks to the experience of its Partners and Consultants. They are all Senior Executives, with diverse and clearly successful business backgrounds. For this ECA is able to support companies in the analysis of new business opportunities, in the identification of alternative channels, in the launch of new products or services, in internationalisation, in product innovation, in rationalization and in corporate's processes optimization.

ECA offers tailor-made solutions for: management consultancy, temporary management, generational handover, internationalisation, European planning, funding, family office, international tax and legal consultancy. ECA represents the ideal partner for concrete support in the restructuring and development of the company, both on the national and foreign markets. ECA offers companies a very pragmatic approach capable of obtaining tangible and measurable results in the short and medium term.

Eng. Andrea Benetello & ECA-02

Supply Chain & Logistics

Since 1979, with over 40 years of experience, Eng. Andrea Benetello finds solutions, including innovative ones, to help customers implement and improve S&OP solutions, demand planning, inventory and warehouse management and KPI implementation.

In H2reinO we have deep experience in international business, logistics and supply chain, production and implementation of complete process flows and value chain mapping. All this, in order to adapt the customer's operating model towards the goal of continuous improvement of company performance, using KPIs.

Eng. Andrea Benetello is a certified partner of Streamline.


Artificial Intelligence
Demand Planning

Logistics and Process
Value Chain mapping

Process engineering

Value chain analisys

Process mapping and digitization

Process mapping and digitization

The mapping of business processes is a fundamental type of analysis to understand:

  • the inputs and outputs of a process and how they are intertwined
  • the overall cost of a process
  • the time required to complete it
  • the figures responsible for each activity and the commitment required to carry them out

To map company processes, a research phase is necessary to analyzed, according to the sector, in which context the company operates, the regulations, the procedures, the functions involved in the process, the activities that take place, in which modality and the customer's needs.
Once the data has been collected, the process is represented graphically through flow diagrams.

The representation helps to understand, share, analyze the process, find any bottlenecks and proceed to a change with a view to continuous improvement. This is where the digitization process begins.


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Time Management

Time Management

Conflict management

Conflict management
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